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FAQ's about Experienceit Beverages
Craft brewing is an art and a lot more effort goes into its creation than a normal beer. From the ingredients used, to the styles of brewing to the delivery of the final product. Unfortunately over the last couple of years the major mass market brewers have tried to exploit the growing craft beer market by introducing new brands and labeling them craft beers or buying craft brewers to control. Traditional craft brewing is done by small scale brewers that love to experiment and take risks that the big boys can't. They do crazy things like source ancient receipts and ingredients long lost to create a unique experience, or use methods of continuously hopping a brew to create the awesome hop beers we love so much. On the European scene they also have access to a lot broader array of local ingredients and ancient methods to draw on. Unlike Mass market brewers they don't use rice as the base for the beers, traditional malt and barley are the staple, which cost more, but give you the traditional craft taste and experience. Craft is an art, and delivers a beer that is as complex and as enjoyable with food as a good wine. If you want a cheap Italian beer, then buy the VB of Italy Nastro. If you want something that has been created with passion, and experience in mind, then sample our craft beers and craft beers from all over the world. Be warned though, not all beer that is called craft beer, is really craft beer!
YES! We do not compromise on quality! All our craft beers are treated with the first class care they deserve. Our brewing partners have a passion, and put a lot of effort into creating the best beers so our aim is to get it to you in the best possible condition. Every bottle is shipped in refrigerated containers to Australia and then stored in climate controlled facilities. If interstate shipments are required these are done overnight to avoid the heat of the day, or done using refrigerated transport when available between and within the state. We also follow all of our brewers instructions and recommendations on how to best transport and store their beers. Refrigerations is expensive and it does add to the cost, but it ensures the best possible beer. Generally if you see cheap international craft beers in the market its because they are close to out of date or have not been refrigerated into the country.
We ship monthly and plan all shipments to align with production runs so our product is the freshest possible. Transit times range from 20 to 40 days depending on location and we pre-sell the majority of our beers so we land it and ship as soon as possible and ensure the freshest product.
We only source product directly from the brewer and under exclusive agreements. While we can get access to a large number of international beers and brewers, we only select brewers for our range that have a core range that rates above 90 on independent ratings sites like "Rate Beer". If they pass this first test then we try the beers and make sure they are the right beers for the Australian market. We then get other Aussie drinkers to taste the beers and give us their feedback. Following this we always like to visit and spend time with any new brewers to get to know them, understand their business better and ensure that we have a personal relationship rather than just an email relationship and buying and selling beer arrangement. We want to know our partners share our passion and commitment to the market. Craft Beer is social and we aim to make the process of selecting and working with our partners a social and enjoyable event. In turn we aim to only select beer for our range that are of the highest international standard and that have proven ratings that are consistently exceptional.
We only by direct from the brewers. This is a position we take very seriously as most of the grey market product comes in this way, and our aim is to deliver on the best product in its freshest state direct from a brewer and with as few mark-ups as possible. We only source beers that have come direct from the brewer and not via another wholesaler. We recently turned down access to 2 of the highest rated brewers in the world when the brewer wanted us to deal via another wholesaler to get their product from Europe. In our view this removes any personal relationship and commitment to the market from the brewer and also fuels the grey market for unofficial bear importing which we are apposed to.
All of our pricing is volume based. Everyone has the chance to get good pricing. We offer discounts based on volumes for each individual order on both cases and or kegs. For cases price breaks are at 12 and 40 mixed case cross the range on a single order. For kegs at 8 and 15 kegs.
We then maintain this price as long as you re-order again at the same level within the next 8 weeks.
each month we then have special offers with give you the chance to get additional % off on some of our key product lines. For regular customers, we also offer extended terms and additional rebates.
Setting up an account is easy. In the main menu bar you'll see a menu option "Contact Us" if you hover your mouse over this you'll see another drop down menu option 'Wholesale/Trade Account Request" click on this read the conditions, and if you accept these then complete the form below and submit, its that easy and then your all set to order.
you must however be a trade customer as we don't sell direct to the public.

Pre-orders are simple. Every 4-6 weeks we ship fresh product from our core brewers. In advance we advise all our customers of this and let them pre-order product so as to ensure supply. Each shipment we always have new beers / one-off's and new brewers and try to always have something fresh and new as well as fresh stock of our core lines. We don't ask you for deposits (unless the order is exceptionally large), we invoice you once the product arrives and is shipped. Our home page on the web-site will keep you up to date as to when the product will land so that you know when to expect it. Generally when a container lands it takes 1.5 weeks to unload / sort and collate all the orders, we do our best to get product to you as soon as it lands and try to always keep you up to date.

The only condition is that a pre-order is treated as firm sale.
We endeavour to keep extra stock of our core lines between shipments in our warehouse for replenishment. Due to the huge demand and constant growth of this category though it does prove to be very hard at times. If you are a restaurant or bar and have one of our beers on the menu, then we will do our best to always keep this available.
We do offer special festival rates and bulk discounts, plus trading terms in exchange for agreed levels of support. If you are a retail with multiple venues or want to discuss a more substantial commitment we are more than happy to discuss how we can work together for mutual benefit.
All invoices are due for payment on or before the date shown on your invoice. Generally 30 days from shipment. For payments that are late we do have a % penalty fee which covers us for the cost of outstanding invoices. Payment is generally by direct debit, though we can accept cheques. At this stage credit cards are not accepted, but we are looking into it.
Believe it or not we do actually try and run as low as possible on most lines between shipments. One of the big problems with craft beer is shorter shelf life compared to commercial beers. One major problem we have seen, is old or out of date product on shelf (not of our beers). In an effort to reduce this as much as possible we manage stock to a strategy of regular 6-8 weekly shipments from each brewer. This ensures the freshest product and as such we try to not hold excessive stock levels in our warehouse. Unfortunatly this might mean that if we get a rush in demand we do run out of some lines.

Also many of the brewers we work with are small batch producers, so often the stock we can get only just covers the initial demand and we run out quickly. Which is why pre-orders are so important.

We do our best.
We try and absorb as much of the freight as possible, but due to the high premiums we get charged for anything below 4 / 5 cases we do need to charge freight for anything below this number. Country areas are also subject to a surcharge. Our main Trade Zone page has full details.
Because we only select the best beer for our range and use a premium logistics service, we are happy to guarantee all our beers for quality. If a beer arrives and for some reason it has gone off in transit then we are committed to replace or refund without question.
You should find that we are cheaper than most other importers of International Craft beers of this quality. Our margins are kept as low as possible, and we have committed to always pass on savings we get in freight and exchange rates. Refrigerated transport also costs a lot, if we didn't use it we could lower our prices buy as much as 30%. The choice for quality though means our price reflects our costs and the effort we take to get it to you in the best condition.

We also find that pricing from small brewers fluctuates a lot due to a number of factors. Gypsy brewers for example we find have a different price each month as they get charged different prices from their brewing partners each month which obviously flows through to the price of the beer.

We will continue to work to lower prices but don't ever expect to pay as low as major craft brewers like Sierra Nevada or Brooklyn as the scale and size of our brewers is far smaller.
Sorry we are committed to support our trade customers and as such will only sell beers via those channels
Yes. Every month we bring in almost 40 different styles of kegs. Due to the demand though these often sell-out in less than 2 weeks from the time they land. We strongly recommend if you want kegs then you work with us on pre-orders.
A one-way keg is a keg designed for single use and are used heavily for International export of craft beer. By far the most common of these is the European KeyKeg, but we also use 3 other types: Petainers (Europe), Eco-Keg (Europe and US) and PubKegs (US). These kegs are all 100% recyclable and are easy to use. They do though often require special couplers.

The kegs work like a bag in a box, and actually protect the beer and allow it to last a lot longer than a traditional steel keg. No gas ever touches the beer as the kegs are designed to force beer out, keeping them free from infections and outside air. This means they can be tapped and untapped many times and will last for an extended period.

Most one-way kegs come on either 20 or 30 litre versions
The main problem some people find (which is not a fault of the keg) is over carbonation. Often people think the beer has gone off or there is a problem. The reality is the beer is in good condition and its just a process that many European brewers follow. Many European brewers practice a method which involves re-fermenting the beer in the kegs (a 2nd fermentation). This process is designed to add natural carbonation rather than forced carbonation (which takes place with commercial beers when on draught). As a result the beers can over produce gas. This does not impact on the quality of the beer but may make it hard to tap the beer and may make it poor with too much head.
The solution to fix this is relatively easy once you know how. If you have this problem please contact us straight away and we can assist. The reality is this type of thing happens with less than 5% of all our kegs. but we stress the beer is in good condition, it just needs to have gas released.
Often yes:
Keykegs - require a unique coupler designed for this type of keg. As these are the most common one-way keg this type of coupler if recommended for any serious craft beer venue
Petainers - require an "S" type coupler. These are available in Australia through any coupler supplier
Pub-Kegs - use a standard US Sankey coupler which is a "D" and compatible with a CUB coupler
Eco-kegs - these come with different attachments and we find the European version are "S" Type and the US ones we will use will be "D" type couplers
We have a supply of couplers available and can supply on request, but please note these are limited. if you intend to do regular orders and rotate our range, we will give these to you for ongoing use. If the order is one off then we will factor in a small rental for delivery and pickup charges we incur. We can also source these couplers for you and supply at cost if you wish to have a permanent stock of couplers.
We do supply limited beer samples for customers wishing to try our beers before buying but unfortunately with a range of over 300 different beers and beers that are rare or in limited supply it is not possible for us to always supply samples of the requested beers. With such a broad range it is also not financially viable to supply large volumes of samples across our broad range.
What we would ask is you trust our experience and allow us to work with you as a partner to drive the sales of beers. We will supply samples but also provide our expertise in what beers have worked well in other venues. We also suggest you use reference sites like Rate Beer, which provide a 100% independent review of all our beers.
We love a festival and love tasting events. if you have anything in mind, please let us know and we can discuss how we can support you and take an active involvement. We do a large number of events and tasting sessions through-out the year but will always try to do more.
We provide glass-ware to all customers order regular qty's of stock and that will use these glasses in the serving of beer. We also from time to time obtain signage, posters, T-Shirts etc, which we always send out to customers at no charge. We are also happy to invest in specific signage for your venue. Please let us know if you have any requirements and we will see what we can do to help.
Yes. For interested customers we can install both fridge and draught units. These do come with some levels of volume commitments, but we try and keep these achievable so everyones expectations are being covered. If you do have space for a dedicated fridge or a draught tap, then ask us for our proposal
Yes! We only work with brewers that support our business and that provide us with exclusivity to the beers. We have picked up a couple of brewers that had previously been with other importers and some old stock may still be around via the other importer, but we stress our beer is fresh, and it is exclusive to us.
With the huge number of new craft breweries and beers now available and growing, how do you decide what to support, what is good. etc. Tasting every beer before you buy it might not be possible. We face this challenge every day. Sites like Rate Beer and Beer Advocate are independent sites dedicated to beer ratings, performed by the average drinker. These sites are like Facebook for beer and rely on everyday drinkers recording their experiences and ratings on the beers they taste. Using complex maths they then score beers based on all the feedback they get. While both sites are American based, you can find almost every beer in existence listed, and rated.

The great thing is they give you reviews on each beer done my the drinker. beer Advocate we find to be too US focused while Rate Beer has a bit more of an International spread. You do need to take note of certain styles that may no rate well due to the country the beer is brewed in e.g. a strong Hop Bomb in Italy does not work well while in Australia it goes off. This means that the initial ratings on a style in say Italy may not be as good, until it is exported and you start to get more of a global feedback.

Use these sites a reference tools and generally they will not lead you too far wrong.
This is beer that arrives into the country without the approval and knowledge / support of the brewer. This tends to happen to high profile beers like Stone, Dogfish head and many others, due to public interest. The problem is that the beer has been sourced via other wholesalers in either the US or Europe and makes it's way to Australia via multiple hands and generally is shipped using non refrigerated transport and then is very old and very expensive when it does arrive, a lot already out of date. We see beers coming from the US to Europe and then Australia. Not great for the beer and not great for the craft beer consumer.

We refuse to play in this market and only source beer direct. before you buy any beer you should ask the importer how they source it and how fresh it is. Once a brewer has the capacity to support Australia you will then see it fresh and in the best condition. Don't spoil the experience by accepting over price miss treated beer!
You shouldn't!…you should support all craft from all corners of the world. Craft beer is a global movement and a global trend. Each of the core markets is developing at different rates and developing their own signature styles. The craft drinker is experimenting and loves variety and loves to be social. A good beer will stand on its own, give drinkers the choice to surf the world and compare the tastes of each market. This in turn will only help the Australia craft market get more and more interest as people experiment more and styles and pallets change, it will help craft in general as more venues support it and more drinkers turn to it as they realise the craft movement is not a local fad but a true global market that is developing some fantastic styles.
A gypsy brewer is a brewer that does not have their own brewhouse and facilities. Instead they contract brew their creations in breweries around the world. Its still their receipt and its still their passion, they just hire and use someone else's kit. Some of the best brewers in the world are Gypsy brewers!
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